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  • Online Training
    NEW DATES ADDED: Combustion and Optimisation in Glass Melting Furnaces Online Training 2021

    mardi, mai 4, 2021 11 Il y a xx jours

    NEW DATES ADDED: Neil Simpson, Simpson Combustion and Energy, is conducting new glass furnace training courses online, sponsored by AMETEK Land and CelSian

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  • US WEB STORE - News Feed
    AMETEK Land Expands US Web Store with Wider Range of Core Products for the US Market

    lundi, avril 19, 2021 26 Il y a xx jours

    AMETEK Land has expanded its U.S. web store to bring a wider range of products and services directly to U.S. customers.

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  • Virtual Awards - News Feed?
    AMETEK Land Sales Partner Virtual Award Ceremony

    jeudi, mars 18, 2021 58 Il y a xx jours

    AMETEK Land recently celebrated the 2020 successes of its Sales Partners during a virtual award ceremony.

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  • SPECTRO Hispania
    AMETEK Land Secures Distributor Agreement with Spectro Hispania for Foundries in Spain

    mercredi, mars 17, 2021 59 Il y a xx jours

    AMETEK Land has appointed SPECTRO Hispania to be its distribution partner for its non-contact temperature measurement products for the iron and aluminium foundry industry in Spain.

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    AMETEK Land Appoints New Representative to Southeastern USA for Infrared, Combustion & Emissions Products

    lundi, mars 15, 2021 61 Il y a xx jours

    AMETEK Land has appointed FLW Southeast Instrumentation Solutions (FLW Southeast) as its exclusive representative in the Southeastern region of the USA.

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  • FDA Warning
    FDA Issues Warning Over ‘Improper’ Thermal Imaging Systems

    jeudi, mars 11, 2021 65 Il y a xx jours

    The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has warned against using thermal imaging systems to screen multiple people at the same time.

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  • AMETEK Virtual Trade Show - News Feed
    AMETEK Land to Attend AMETEK Virtual Trade Show 2021 This March!

    mercredi, février 24, 2021 80 Il y a xx jours

    Due to the uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, many of our upcoming trade shows and events have been either cancelled or postponed, however, this year we will be taking part in the AMETEK Virtual Trade Show!

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  • World's Greatest TV Show - AMETEK Land
    Innovative Technology from AMETEK Land Leads to the “World’s Greatest!...” Television Series

    mardi, février 23, 2021 81 Il y a xx jours

    AMETEK Land features on “World’s Greatest!…”, a leading US television production series that spotlights the innovative technology behind the company’s products.

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  • IMAGEPro Glass Innovations
    AMETEK Land’s IMAGEPro-Glass Software Measures Batch Coverage and Crown Temperatures In Glass Melt Plants, Helps Achieve Industry 4.0 Automation and Data Exchange

    lundi, février 22, 2021 82 Il y a xx jours

    AMETEK Land has added further innovative features to its IMAGEPro software for use with its NIR-Borescope-2K Glass thermal imaging solution in glass melt tank applications.

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  • SDS - Trade In
    Is it Time You Upgraded Your Existing Slag Detection System to the Latest AMETEK Land Technology and Software?

    vendredi, février 12, 2021 92 Il y a xx jours

    You can now part exchange any current SDS-E instrument and take advantage of a cost-effective update at a discounted price, all the latest Slag Detection System features and benefits plus a quick lead time for replacement.

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